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The Board of Directors is excited to announce the projected opening of the community pools on April 2nd, 2021, pending completion of the current improvement project.


Please note that the pool will continue to operate under additional rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. 


To activate your key fobs your household will be required to sign the “COVID-19 Facilities Rider and Release Agreement” by clicking the link below.  Once completed, please allow at least 48 hours for your key fobs to be activated. Waivers completed on Friday will not be activated until the following business day by noon.



The danger of exposure to COVID-19 exists and the association

cannot ensure that any surface is germ-free.


The pool will operate under normal hours opening at 6:00 am and closing at 10:00 pm 


Residents are to adhere to the occupancy rates set forth by the city, county, and state at the time of use.  Residents are to self-patrol the number of people in the pool area based on the Pool Capacity Chart.  Pool access will be on a first come, first serve basis.  If you feel the pool is over capacity, do not enter. 


Pool Capacity Chart

25% = 49 people

50% = 98 people

75% = 147 people

100% = 196 people


Pool use is restricted to residents only.  Guest usage will not be permitted until further notice. 


During busy hours please limit your time at the pool to a maximum of 2 hours so others can enjoy the pool. 


Social distancing of at least 6’ between family groups must be maintained. The CDC recommends the wearing of a mask or face covering if social distancing cannot be maintained. However, you should not wear a mask or face covering in the water. 


All chairs, loungers and tables will be available for use. Residents will be permitted to bring their personal chairs during this time.  It is the responsibility of residents to clean / disinfect community surfaces before and after use.  You may bring your own sanitizer but, if you use wipes, dispose of them in the trash can or take them home – don’t throw them in the pool.  


The restrooms will be open during pool operating hours. 


The splash pad and playground will be open and available for use.  


Food consumption is not permitted in the pool area.


Our pool vendor will continue to perform regular pool cleaning and maintenance.  


It is strongly recommended that people over 65 and those with at-risk health conditions stay safely at home.


Residents who are unable to abide by these rules may have their key fob(s) deactivated.


REMINDER- Jumping the fence or using the pool outside normal operating hours is trespassing and will be reported to the Williamson County Sheriff. 

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