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Project Status Report

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Updated 01/14/2024

Recently Completed

Amenity Center - Add a fence at the bottom edge of the ramp - 12/2023       
Safety enhancement as could be a tripping hazard without. This was brought to us by resident.

Amenity Center - Repair & Restain Wood Fence - 12/2023       
repair and re-stain the wood fence on the west side of the Amenity Center between it and 3826 Bainbridge Cove.

Zoom Capabilities and Equipment purchase - 11/2023 
Researched and Selected Laptop, Web Camera and Microphone Setup. Allows Community members to attend meetings virtually.

Pool Gates Updated - 10/2023  
Increased the height and adding the metal mesh to the pool gates.

Geary Street Cave Lot - 07/2023       
Enhance the aesthetic of the area in front of the cave lot      
Landscape Committee

Flowstone Lot - 06/2023
Clean up of association-owned lot near the corner of Flowstone and East New Hope      
Jerome Gaillard  

Cole Valley trail landscape cleanup - 5/2023      
Securing bids to improve the walkway and determining ongoing maintenance plan      
Judith Peebles, Toni Shaw

Landscaping added around the west wall at the entrance - 4/2023  
Add landscaping along the low walls to match the surrounding areas   
Judith Peebles, Landscape Committee

Replace dead trees along Mayfield Ranch Blvd. - 4/2023   
Replacement of remaining dead trees along MRB. Awaiting cooler weather for the final bid and planting.   Judith Peebles, Landscape Committee

Updated Community Reserve Study   - 03/2023
Work with previous Reserve Study vendor to generate updated community Reserve Study   
Judith Peebles

Kiddie Pool Shade Structure - 3/2023
Installation of a shade structure in proximity to Kiddie Pool to provide shade in the water and additional shaded seating 
Michael Brownstein, Am
enity Committee

New furniture for the interior of the Amenity Center - 3/2023 
New furniture to include; tables, chairs, sofa, armchairs, side tables, bookcases, fireplace - awaiting delivery      
ka Robinson, Judith Peebles, Toni Shaw, Community Volunteers

Update playground chain and swing, the addition of kiddie picnic tables - 2/2023  
Replacement of swing set seat and chains.  Addition of child-sized picnic tables 
Judith Peebles, Toni Shaw

Picnic area clean up - 2/2023   
Improve terrain south of the playground where picnic tables currently sit      
Judith Peebles

Approved - Pending Completion

Addition of age-diverse toys at the playground      
Selection, purchase, and installation of additional playground toys suiting a wider age range      
Judith Peebles, Toni Shaw

Actively Being Worked

Sir Noah Tucker Lot   
Planting of trees, sod, installation of irrigation, and bench seating on a community lot.  Awaiting water meter.   
Judith Peebles, Landscape Committee

Project Scoping

Neighborhood watch
Expansion of Amenity Center

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