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Splash Pad Focus Group 2021

The Board has contacted several Splash Pad vendors to get some basic design ideas. Below is a generic rendering based on the rough size and available water output of our proposed improved system.  The footprint of the Splash Pad will remain the same. We plan to remove the existing concrete, water features, and plumbing.  There are several choices for Splash Pad decking with variables in initial cost, annual maintenance, and longevity.  Please note that quote have not been secured as we are still in the initial design phase.  Please complete the survey questions below based on the rendering and weblinks by Thursday, July 22nd.  Your family's feedback is greatly appreciated.


Water Feature Vendor websites:
Water Odyssey
Rain Deck

Splash Pad Survey
Do you feel the rendering provided would be a positive improvement over the existing splashpad?
Do you feel the placement of the proposed water features are appropriate?
Would textured, non slip concrete be acceptable looking at low cost and minimual long term maintance?
Would a rubberize topcoat be acceptable looking at higher initial cost and the ongoing cost of refinished?

Thank you for your participation!

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