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Sir Noah Tucker Drive Open Space Survey

The Board is discussing options for the best use of the open space at the north end of Sir Noah Tucker Drive and we are asking for the opinion of residents living within 100 yards of the space.
We have discussed the following ideas thus far;
1) Park - Irrigation, grass, a few shade trees, and benches
2) Playground - Small low elevation children's playground
If a playground is chosen, it would help to know the age range of the children in the area so it could be designed appropriately. Toys would be chosen with the aim of keeping the noise level as low as possible realizing children at play make some noise. 

On the survey please indicate the number of children in each age range in your household. Note: only the number of children in each age range will be given to the Board members, family names will not be used.

Please complete the surveys by May 5th.

Thank you for your input on this project.

Sir Noah Tucker Survey
Do you like the idea of a Park?
Do you like the idea of a Playground?

Thanks for submitting!

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